Market Square,
Belmopan City, Belize, C.A.
Public Consultation for EIA and Addendum for Port of Belize Expansion
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The General Public is hereby advised that an Addendum to the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report for the proposed bulk handling and cruise tourism development project located on Caesar Ridge Road, Port Loyola, Belize City, Belize District was submitted by Waterloo Investment Holdings Ltd. (Port of Belize Ltd) to the Department of the Environment (DOE). The Addendum was prepared by Piedroba Consulting Group, LLC, and Nextera Environmental and Engineering Consultants with local and international scientific support. The Addendum and the EIA report will be reviewed by the National Environmental Appraisal Committee (Committee), before a final decision is taken. Kindly be informed that a virtual 2nd public consultation session for the EIA report and the Addendum will be held on September 23rd, commencing at 4:00 pm sharp via the Government of Belize Press Office Facebook Page and via Zoom. The general public is invited to participate in this virtual consultation to make comments, ask questions, seek clarification, express concerns or issues, or to make a representation to the DOE in relation to the possible effects of the proposed project activity on the environment. Kindly follow the DOE’s social media platforms to see updates.

Posted on: September 14th, 2021