2nd Floor, Green Complex Building,
7552 Hummingbird Highway,
Belmopan City, Belize, C.A.
Organizational Structure

The Department of the Environment is headed by a Chief Environmental Officer and assisted by several technical staff.  To carry out its functions, the Department’s responsibilities is programmed into five units.

Project Execution Unit

Coordinate all activities for projects being executed under the Department to ensure their successful implementation and work closely with reputable international organizations to enhance environmental prospects for Belize.

Environment Information Management Unit

Provide environmental information to the public to guide policies and strategies for informed decision-making.

Public Awareness & Outreach Unit

Educate the public on environmental matters through public education campaigns and district outreach activities, in order to encourage community based environmental planning and enforcement of regulations.

Environmental Law & Policy Unit

Advise the Government of Belize on policies relating to environmental matters and review and revise, as necessary, existing environmental legislation regulations as well as strengthening their enforcement.   Email:

Environmental Enforcement & Compliance Monitoring Unit

Ensure compliance with the Environmental Protection Act and subsequent regulations and regulate matters potentially hazardous to the environment by establishing and enforcing standards for pollution control.

Project Evaluation & EIA Unit

Examine and evaluate environmental impact assessment and risk analysis and make suitable recommendations to mitigate against harmful effects of any proposed action on the environment and ensure that the Government’s Environmental Clearance Process is implemented for all environmentally sensitive projects.